Sunday, August 30, 2009


Today was portobello mkt day. Deb and I bought a few antique jewellery pieces, includin the talon claw amethyst pendent and tom binns-y necklace below. My only gripe was that everything at portobello was so fuckin expensive. Super cereal. After that we met Kenny and Lauren and spent the remainder of the day walking along Oxford Street, where I paid my last respects to my favourite london shops as tmr morning, I will be flying off to Nice, France! Au revoir, England!


joanne said...

i love your talon claw amethyst pendent!!!
Really pretty!

Anonymous said...

I love that talon claw amethyst pendent too! SOO PRETTY!!! :(
If only they could manufacture it in sg.

Anonymous said...

PRETTY :D I like!

Denise said...

thank u all :)