Monday, August 24, 2009


Our first day in Liverpool. Lunch at Chinatown (I srsly can't live w/o chinese food) before going down to the Beatle's museum. It was pretty insightful, to like the whole Beatle's story. Anw, it was the coldest weather yet, and it was rainy. Classic weather for these parts I guess. Can't decide if it was the correct decision to wear my military Temperley jacket out today...

Temperley militia jacket, Cheap monday skinnies

After beatlemania, we decided to check out the club scene in Liverpool and ended up at this place called Modo. It was pretty empty because it was a Sunday nite and they were playing some weird trace pop music. But the drinks were pretty cheap and we had free entertainment, a fight that is. A dude randomly flung a bar stool across the room too, and subsequently got his face pounded in my the bouncer. 

Leaving Liverpool tmr... ... To Manchester!


Anonymous said...

I really like your jacket :) Looks super ex tho.

Denise said...

thankiuuu :> and yes it was. it cost like... 580 sgd. but that was it on 60% so initially it was 1450 and i take comfort in that!!