Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today was pretty productive. Mani (my private jet) + Pedi (russian navy), make up shoppin, american apparel spreein, trng... and then home. I've never spent so much money in a single day I think.

Anw, Here are some piks from saturday nite. Went to Butter first, and then Zouk. Musik at Fash was awesome, sat instead of wed nites for me when I'm back from France. Mambo at Zouk was a little borin. It was so empty. And the stupid ass bouncer didn't let me in for free even though I was wearing red (dress) and white (sandals). Annoyin. How stiff can you be honestly. It's the last Zouk on Wed before I fly. Hope it'll be fun. 

I need to start packin. 

American Apparel afrika print U neck/back dress


Anonymous said...

The dress looks really good on you!Btw I'm the previous commentor on your cute shoes haha.


Clarissa said...

They have an american apparel store in sg?
The dress looks stunning on you. :) How much did you get it for?

Denise said...

Thank you both :)

@ clarissa: nope no AA store in SG, but the shop i work at (Eclecticism) does carry some of the non basic designs. Anw, I got the dress from a friend who didn't want it anymore. She bot it thru the site! they ship internationally :)

Clarissa said...

Is it possible for the store to bring in requested items from american apparel?
Where is it located?