Sunday, August 2, 2009


I've turned 22 for good. 21 seems like the ideal age. Although many will argue I act and look 18. Haha. So yesterday was no different. Got wasted like nobody's business thanks to the $972 (that's right, NINEHUNDRED&SEVENTYTWODOLLARS) worth of drinks. I find the taste of green tea somewhat gross now. Peach tea is the way to go. Anw, the turn out was so super. Thanks to everyone who came and played five ten and scissors paper stone with me. But most of all. THANK U EUGES. For everything. From keeping me company, cleaning me up, carrying me home, putting up with me when I was a drunk basket case. URE THE BEST. SRSLY. Feels like I ought to take a break from clubbing. Lack of rest has taken a toll on my health (Panadol Flu Max works wonders). Anyhow, apt timing I guess, seeing that I will be leaving for Europe on the 16th. Will miss so many things back here. Ironic to predict home sickness when I should be excited about going... 

(Lost the carousel horse. SADZ)

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