Sunday, February 28, 2010


Temperley Jacket, Topshop breton top & stud bleach frayed shorts

You know, I should be studying now.


Project Sparkle Phone is a success! It was more time consuming than expected, so I shall wait for the end of my final semester before I embark on Project Reflect Ipod. If anyone is so interested, I used 10 different types of pink and blue Swarovski crystals and Sakura embossed lookin stickers from Kino on top of a clear light blue hard cover.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Piks fr our trip to Supperclub afew nights ago. The pros? Free entry for SMU students, 5 free drinks for girls on ladies night, I think the guys get like 1 or 2 drinks free as well. The cons? It was a pretty blah trip. I mean, the musik was okay, the crowd was shit, and I had an all ard sleazy impression of the place, and it was pretty packed with mo's (not tt thrs aything wrong with tt, I'm just sayin. I actually appreciate the fact sometimes hehe). Ah well, it's baq to Zouk next Wed and Butter next Fri. I know right, partying like krz in week 9 is not exactly role model student behaviour considering the shit lot of work I have but the hell, I'M GRADUATING. and my GPA is stuck in a rut anw? I'm so motivated.

Painting my nails now. I'm going with navy with multicoloured glitter french tip and perhaps I shall bling it up with some leftover crystals. Sometimes I rly do wonder if being an Ah Lian is so bad after all. I'd revel in some stereotypical AL practices, like fake eyelashes, coloured contacts, dyed brown hair, crystallized phone, nail art obsession... the list just goes on, doesn't it!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hello friends from other lands across oceans and mountains, POPPYCOCKY VINTAGE has now gone global. We accept payment via paypal and ship internationally! SPREAD THE WORD AND VISIT US NOW-


Topshop Unique Backstage, Love Magazine Blog

Nope, the Where The Wild Things Are hype is not quite over, and I loved it @ Topshop Unique FW2010.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Presenting, my personal term break project and something I have wanted to do for a very long time; an ultra maximum sparkle crystal covered sakura blue pink themed iPhone case!@# It's half done, can't wait for the completion. Beware of me in the sunlight, pretty shure this baby is capable of blinding passerbys (passerbies?) passers-by in a 10m radius.

Monday, February 22, 2010


It's one of those Karma days.
  1. I took my CAT midterm, did the last qtn on excel but had no time to transfer the formulas onto answer sheet and thus, farewell 9 marks out of 25
  2. I took my COYLAW mid term... well it didnt rank up there with CAT on the FUCK MAN SO WASTED scale, but it was still difficult and I don't think I did well for it
  3. After the COYLAW mid term I realized I lost my wallet at the school canteen in between the 2 exams. It is my sky blu ysl muse wallet which my mom bought for my 21st birthday. And in it are precious things like polaroids of Alix when she was a puppy. And a polaroid of my grandparents. And the vintage nautical patch Nadia gave me. AND FUCK THE MOLTON BROWN VOUCHER WORTH $80 THAT MY MOM GAVE ME. Gah. On top of the cash. Srsly (I'm on a rant here but), am I the only living person on earth with a moral standing sufficient enough to not claim things that belong to me especially if it is something like a wallet that contains identification? WHAT IS WRONG WITH U WHO TOOK MY WALLET.
  4. I call Debra to start canceling my cards and she can't hear me. Turns out my relatively new iPhone's mic is spoilt and I will have to go to Paragon to claim the repair warranty.
  5. Needless to say by this time I was in a fuckin bad mood, and took it out on Eugene a lil bit (sry)
  6. Then Esther calls, and tells me I have won in a competition I entered online on bagaholicboy!!! Shure, the Mulburry purse isn't going to me... but there's this innate joy in winning things when you don't expect it.
  7. Eugene puts up with my bullshit and brings me to Haji Lane to buy cyrstals and glue to zhng my phone and we walk around bugis lookin at kool japanese nail art magazines
  8. Eugene sends me to trng and picks me up from trng
  9. My wesc sitar headphones have arrived in the mail from the UK.
End. The roller coaster that is today. Sry for the long post.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yesterday while having steamboat w the gang at Tiong Bahru, I discovered some real nice old sch flats. Perfect for my future hippie-with-balenciaga-and-shoe-collection lifestlye.


fashion gone rogue

Chunky heel platforms have a special place in my heart.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Sheer, floaty and light =
Kinda like Rodarte's latest, let me find some good piks of the show to post up.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


i love wildfox

Pretty damn amazing stuff from the Wildfox sisters!! The theme is love. See the rest of the shoot HERE. Alright, I'm off to school for Analysis of Equity. Kill me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Topshop shirt, Vtg shorts

School reopens tmr with a flurry of make up classes, normal classes and mid term tests. GAH. On the plus side, I am marginally richer from the red packet collection over the last few days. am also marginally fatter and unhealthier from stuffing myself with indonesian crispy fish balls, kueh lapis, chiku chips, keropok and mini springroll haebeehiam. DETOX, DETOX.

MIU MIU S/S 2010

fashion gone rogue

Miu Miu does whimsical girlie so well, it's hard not to like. CH CH CH CH CHECK OUT THEM SHOOZ.


fashion gone rogue