Sunday, August 23, 2009


Haven't had free internet connection since we landed in London. In Liverpool now and the hostel here is totally awesome, loads better than the one in London altho that was satisfactory as well. So here's our week compressed into pictures.

Day 1: After checkin into Generator hostel, deb euges and I went to oxford circus to walk around. All the shops were closed since it was a Sunday evenin, so we ended up at Hyde Park.

Day 2: Woke up early to go to the British Museum, the most visited attraction in London.

This was my favourite artefact. It's a super awesome precious metal casin with precious stones, and in its centre is allegedly a thorn from THE crown of thorns of jesus christ fame. 

This one was pretty amazing too. It's a golden clock ship. The thing I have on my ear is the audio tour headset. 

Day 3: Went krz shopping at Oxford Circus before headin to Hyde Park Corner for the free walking tour of London. I give you, Buckingham Palace!

Debra and I were both in shiney leggings. 

"Big Ben", inverted commaed because big ben is not the tower, but the name of the bell in the tower. Right. 

Westminster Abbey.

The London Eye.

Day 4: Spent majority of the day at London Dungeon before headin to Tate Modern.

A little before that I got this awesome paint tube pouch thing that actually has a twisted end from Paul Smith. It's for my shitloads of eyeliner.

Day 5: Bought tickets at Wicked before heading down to Canarby Lane.

Lavender Flowers outside Liberty, this super cool dept store where everything is damn pricey and liberty printed. 

Before Carnaby I got this holographic owl pendant from Picadilly Mkt. HOW COOL?!@!# It's like those hologram bookmarks I used to have.

Outside a standalone m.a.c store. I love standalone stores. so much nicer than malls. 

The time dragon at the Wicked musical @ Apollo theatre.

Day 6: Borough Mkt day! Headed to King's X to tube down to London Bridge. A house on the walk there had the same letters as me. KOINKIDINK!

Mounds and mounds of fresh tomato things at Borough. 

Euges munchin on an ostrich burger.

Cod fish and chips.


After Borough we headed to Brick Lane for good vtg shoppin. Unforch there are no good picts of that.

Day 7: Checkin' out of Generator Hostel. SMALL SPACE. 

And then we went to Europcar to pick up the car and drove to Bicester for outlet shoppin. Where i got a 600dollar Temperley military band jacket. ZOUNDSSSS. And I also managed to find limited edt m.a.c pearlglide liners (Bankroll & Spare Change) on discount. HOORAY. 

Alright, gonna shower! Apologies for the unending pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to get wifi more frequently from now on. 


Nadia said...

spot the singaporean! leggings + flipflops, awwww.

Denise said...

@nards: pahahahaha in my singaporean defense i had a sprained toe from floorball so i couldnt wear shoes kayyyy. but i'm still wearin them now tho my toe is healed. the weather is gettin abit cold for flipflops tho. BOOT HUNTIN.

Nadia said...

BOOT HUNTIN'! i've collected so many shoes here, how am i going to bring all of them home :O

oh btw, i'm staying another year to do my honours/masters. siansations maximus.

Denise said...

oh yay!!! then i can go and visit you in between. i rly want to go to aust!!!! but think the end of this yr is quite impos. the next mid year will be good!! and funny nards but... since when you become so academic?!?!?!

Nadia said...

on on, come in Jul! winter sales galoreeeee.

mom's decision luh. i ran out of arguments alr hahah, sai.

bluest light said...

hey how do u find the hostel? is it safe?