Saturday, August 15, 2009


It was the last Mambo nite before Deb, Euges and I left for Exchange. So it was a night of double goodbyes I guess. Goodbye us, and goodbye to Elaina's 21st year. Hullo 22! Yarn is officially the baby of the posse. Anw, mambo was pretty fun. Musik was good, crowd was okay. As usual the guys got into a scuffle but srsly, this time I think the dude kinda deserved it. Super cereal. There was smthg ironic abt the whole chipmunk name callin. In the end, everyone got home undrunk (except kute Clari hahaha!) which was kind of a pity. I secretly wanted Teng to get birthday wasted. HAHA.Will miss the Mambo nites :( In the mean time, STUDY (Yarn + John) & WERK (Teng) HARD U GUYZXZ. 

Oh and did I mention I survived a club nite in 4 inch heels?!@ MIRACULOUSZSS... Okay. Floorball game tmr. A little nervous. I shouldn't be.  

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