Monday, June 29, 2009


topshop top & shorts, leggings unknwn

  • I've got to stop tying my hair... receding hairline lurking.
  • It's too painful to throw away leggings when they start to hole. I'll prob wear these until it disappears into a pile of thread.
  • It's my day off tmr, yey!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Food and drinks over the last few days:

  • e33 on friday @ Zouk

  • Mocktail, Tiffin Punch, and truffle fries on saturday @ House. I like House... unfortunately I need a car (or driver) to facilitate this liking and I have neither.

Ash Ketchum

jak & jil


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mambo Knights

Ramen dinner with the Clicky plus Teng. Werkin people left. Headed to Lunar for free martinis. John picks us up and we whooshink to Zouk. Mambo Jambo's 17th Anniversary. Hossan Leong was a hoot. Yarn literally climbed on stage in her shortttt dress. YARN WON THE MAMBO CD. I love it when anyone wins prizes. Innate competitive spirit. Combination of lychee marts, house white wine, tequila lime and redbull vodka was enough to get all of us up. Yarn took it to the next level, though (HAHA). Sent yarn home. Something like within walking distance. 3 o us went back. And we mambo-ed all the way to club closure. Passed out on my bed after that. T'was fun!

Monday, June 22, 2009


ru glamour

I love planning for the week. 
  • Mon- Alone time + trng
  • Tues- Lunch with deb + werk
  • Wed- Werk + Zouk
  • Thurs- Alone time + trng
  • Fri- Werk + sshhhecret
  • Sat- Werk
  • Sun- Church + werk
But for now, GUITAR HERO. I'm on a quest for expert mode u guys.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Post 101

Went shopping and caught a movie with the sis and euges today. On a whim we decided to step into YSL and ZOMMMMGGGG @ Ring 1!!!! We saw it at the shop and it was GORRRGEOUS!!! Too bad it retails for a hefty $560, even if it is in sterling silver. I didn't see ring 2, but it is to die for as well!! ARGH! 

All that glitters

What I wore to Father's Day nite:

Y's by Yohji Yamamoto tank, Topshop leggings

The Y's tank has got to be my favourite buy from the Club21 sale last year! Generous armholes, check. Not too low front, check. Slightly sheer, check. Slightly glittery, check. Lightweight material, check. Long enough to wear with leggings, check. Basic enough to go with anything, check. I guess the only bad thing is that it is "dry clean only". Dry cleaning is a bitch but I wouldn't treat Y's any other way I guess. 

Riverside Rendezvous

Family friday night to celebrate Daddy's day. Went to town early to meet Deb's after her internship to trawl for a present for Dad. Played with a pack of gummies we bought that stowed multicoloured bits, vampire fangs, mini watermelons, apple belts and strawberry sticks. Met dad and walked along boat quay to see the boats and people in these zorbing balls and weird shallow synchro swimmers. Mom joined us after werk and we had dinner at this place called Rock smthg (u basically cook your steak), missed the last performance at clarke quay and headed home. 


Friday, June 19, 2009


Hooray, our vintage shop has been updated! 


Ettusais nail lacquer

I think i have this OCD, where I have to buy all the colours of smthg that I like. If I don't get a particular colour, I'll think about how nice it is til I get it anyway. It happened with eyeliners. It happened with this. Not good for the wallet.