Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The buy of the day award goes to this Hello Kitty instax film (polaroid that's credit card sized). It's my favourite rendition of Hello Kitty (the primary coloured simple rendition)!! Kawaii~~

Other than that, the theme of the day seems to be Hairless. I bought an epilator, did my eyebrows and trimmed my bangs. Unsightly hair, begone!


-, pip & pop

Luv: Miu Miu SS2010, Rainbows, Origami, Toys, Little multicoloured horses.



Luv: Wolves, Chanel Clogs, Bambi (Tattoo! Hehe).

Monday, April 26, 2010


fashion gone rogue, fuck yeah cole mohr

On stay home days like these I wish I had a cute lace romper to wear and Cole Mohr by my side. HEHE.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Struggled out of bed for 2 early brunches this week;

Brunch 1 was at Hatched, an exclusively eggs restaurant right outside CCAB. Debra had toast sticks dipped in soft boiled eggs and I had the scrambled salmon wrap with potatoes! Verdict: cheap and good, but a little inaccessible!

Brunch 2 was at Spruce, a restaurant along Tanglin Road. I had the signature prawn pasta (the green veggie sauce was uhmazing), and the rest of the Crescent friends had the poached eggs +weiner, eggs benedict & banana pancakes. Verdict: Worth it, but a little inaccessible.

Why are all good eating places a little inaccessible??!


Topshop dress

Wore this to ladies nite afew nights back! Anw, it's 3 a.m. and I've got a morning bruch with the Crescent Clicky tmr, my bed beckons. BUT FIRST, visit POPPYCOCKY VINTAGE for our latest goodies, we updated earlier this evening :D


fashion gone rogue, google

I rly need my hair like tt, oh and add a mountain scooter trip too, while you're at it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Vintage top

Yesterday I went for a piknik @ Marina Barrage with the SMU friends... unfortunately it was thunderstorming and as a result the sun set pretty quickly and we were shrouded in darkness. Still, we flew kites, blew bubbles, lit sparklers and had chicken. I have loads of other piks from the night but my iPhoto went mad and everything got deleted, thus i need to import back 26,000 photos from trash to complete the piknik album -_- sheesh. Apple can be such a mofo sometimes. I even got locked out by my entourage.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Source, & special thanks to Nards

I didn't rly do anything today... a boring, but good thing.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Celebratory shopping trip;
  1. Denim shirt fr. Topshop, a la the denim on denim look perfected by Alexa Chung.
  2. Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in 76 Sari Dore (bright coral). If you are like me and love specifications, here's an interesting article on the Rouge Coco line.
  3. M.A.C pearlglide liners in Undercurrent (emerald), Industrial (light blue grey with a violet hint), and Black Line (Black gold) + Powerpoint liner in Tealo (Hunter).
  4. Shu Uemura lashes in smoky layers & luxe brown. The excellent SU salesgirl gave me a tip today on falsies... before the 1st use, coat the lash line with a translucent nail varnish so that when you have finished wearing them, the glue residue can be peeled off. She also cautioned me super strongly against washing them. Apparently it auto spoils the lashes. No wonder my first pair disbanded and started to bald.
Hehe okay sorry for the lengthy specs, I just like details and knowledge perfection!


Celebratory Japanese lunch with my siblings to commemorate the end of exams/ SMU for me... it was YUM. I'm not sure what the name of the restaurant is but its in the basement of Raffles City next to Din Tai Fung, and they specialize in soba (homemade from wheat grown in the fields of Louisiana Tasmania (if I recall correctly)! The udon had the right spring, the sashimi was fresh, the unagi was tasty... not exactly cheap but I would rate as 'Worth e $$', each set costing around $25 (comes in noodles and a sushi selection or noodles w sashimi & unagi & tempura selection). Would defo eat agn! Anw, here are the piks, including some awkward eating ones of each of us.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


i love wildfox

Dedicated to my Chanel lovers: Debra, Lauren and Melissa.

p/s: scored an interview for the L'Oreal mgmt trainee prog!! I MUST SEIZE THIS. I MUST.
pp/s: Balenciaga is coming up with an awesome awesome colour for FW2010, Bois de Rose. Translated from french- Rosewood. A very light dusty pink. DIE. See the full set of swatches here.
ppp/s: Formspring me! I'm addicted.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The incredible Miu Miu shoe arsenal. I die. 10 times. God grant me strength to own one of these legends before they are out of stock/ season. Anw, today I have finished my 4th paper. Only 1 more to go :) So tonight i shall take a short break before resuming work...

In other news, I had a formspring set up! All questions welcomed.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


  • News 1: My first exam is tmr, and i'm SO DAYMN UNPREPARED. I haven't finished doing the readings but my brain is too saturated to take in anymore, so I guess I'm going to bed.
  • News 2: 2 interviews lined up that makes the current job search not that bleak (though I guess the old saying of counting your chickens before they hatch should apply). Both of them are for mgmt trainee positions, the first company is Terrapinn, an events mgmt co. The second is for Uniqlo (IKR EGGCITES)!!!@@#!@@
Thus the theme for the following weeks is as follows;


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Something Else dress, Vtg check shirt + speks, YSL tribtoos

Today I had my last class... :((( or :))) ? I can't rly decide. There was a weird moment whn the prof went like "so who's graduating this sem?", and Debra and I were the only ones to raise our hands. "Give them a hand!" the prof said, and everyone applauded. AWK-WARD-U-GUYZ. One more week of exams, and I'll be done with SMU. I definitely will not miss the stress and endless work... but I'll miss everything else. Tbh, as of now it is more :((( than :))).

Anw, I'm especially proud of my make up skillz tdy, so if anyone is interested this is what I used
  • Chanel mat lumiere foundation in Aurore
  • Chanel eye smoothing & rejuvenating concealer in Beige
  • Chanel Glossimer in Jupiter
  • YSL touche eclat in no. 2
  • MAC fluidline gel liner in blacktrack
  • MAC starflash eyeshadows in Strike A Pose & Fashion
  • MAC powerpoint eyepencil in Light As Air & Navy Stain