Sunday, August 16, 2009


model couture

Currently plonked down on not-so-comfy seats in Dubai's intl airport. About 2.5 hrs to go before we board the flight to London. I hate flights. I have a small case of flight phobia and the seats are so damn claustrophobic. Just now as we flew from Sgp to Dubai, the skies were lightnin lit. How pretty. What shall we do durin our first day in Lndn. 


Anonymous said...

Shopping of cos! Also update poppycockyvintage with new pieces :)

joanne said...

oooh, i will be going to london in a few weeks time.

Denise said...

@anon: haha yes we went shoppin on the 1st day but unforch all the shops were closed early :( but we made def made up for that in the next few days hah! as for pcv, don't think we'll be updatin til we're back in jan, hopefully with some items fr europe so look out for that!!

@joanne: cool what will u be there for? hols or studies?? shoppin is amazing. my week in london was pretty much fantastic haha.

joanne said...

will be in london for a few days to look around but ltr will be heading for exeter for my studies.

which part of uk will you be at for your studies?

Denise said...

oh okay, enjoy london!! i quite like it actually. the shoppin selection is really awesome haha.

anw, i'll not be in the uk. im only here for a short holiday. My sch will be in Nice, France:)