Friday, July 31, 2009


Long story ahead. Skip to the piks if you're a visual. 

So I turned 22 yesterday. It was dinner with the clicky at Chilli's first. Next, was party club nite at Zouk. Theme was cosmic galaxy. Everyone sparkled. From Mich the supernova, Sharon the earth, Ade the sun to John the cosmic invader. Chivas by the river before heading in. E girls got me a marc by marc heart ring. Loves it. G and WH also gave me cosmic worthy nail polish. Not to forget the lipglass and chocs from S and WT too :) Went in around 11plus and it was drinks drinks drinks. SOTB + Apple shooters. Snowballs. Heineken. Chillis was a tad too filling so I did the paiseh in the club hurl. Scurried away promptly. 

Joined the clicky at Mambo. Still don't know majority of the moves. Phuture next with the E girls. Somebody call 911. Shawty fire burning on the dance floor. Made space for ourselves and danced for a length of time. On the way out Clari bought me more Heineken. Met Toren on the way out. Joined the clicky + E girls at winebar. Where... the ultimate surprise of all waslurking. ALL THE SMUGUYZ WERE THERE. Inclu Euges :) More shooters. And a scotch on the rocks with old man John. Flitted around winebar. Somehow ended up outside. Was runnin inside on a high, when I fell down. I skidded. 

More painful than the slight abrasions was of course embarrassment maximus. I'm clumsy sober, a complete disaster on alcohol. The bouncer was afraid I had a concussion. Concussion to my pride, yes. Met B the Ex next. We need to meet up. So much to talk about? Went into phuture for the last time at ard 3. In the night I hear em talk. The coldest story ever told. Massive jiggyin ensued. Night ended with a flaming lambo thanks to ZX. Supper with the smuguys following club closure. All in all. AN AMAZING SUPER FUN TIME NITE. Thanks all who came. Who surprised. Who danced. LUV. 

Butterfac tmr, oh yeah. 

p/s: S and WT's make up is so freakin awesome!
pp/s: Blame it on the ah-ah-ah-ah- alocohol.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


OKAY blogger has finally righted it's weird cannot do anything but type and post problem :> SO. Here're some of the picts taken with the Holga. It's my second roll and I daresay it turned out pretty nice. Of course, credit to photographer Debra who astounds us with her multi exposure compositions. My fav is the first pict though. It's a crystal light sculpture thing. Find it on the ceiling of Ion's Swarovski shop. So cosmic galaxy.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Stewpit blogger's image uploader is down.


Friday, July 24, 2009


It was a queer night. We were there early. Couldn't or rather, didn't want to get too high. The killer combination of sobriety plus suckass music put the S in Sian. So we ended up alternating between Mambo, Phuture and Outside. The highlight of the nite was prob the mash and sausage, although I can totally imagine J going "currypuff". It was a no brainer to go hme early, but I met some of the acjc SB2 people inside. So for nostalgic camaraderie's sake I decided to stay a little longer. We somehow ended up in Velvet, where the music was somewhat better. They played Bloc Party's Helicopter. Finally the Sianess from the start of the night coupled with my phone havin no batt spelt HOME. Then I met B the Ex outside. Which was... idk. Queer. I always imagined a cool reunion, where there's too much to say sorta. O WELL!!! I think it was the last tequila shot (fun!!) that made me feel all queer about it. Next week is birthday week :> Wh00p.

And oh yes, I had grey eyes last nite!! Nt to freakish I hope. GREEN NEXT. Marf.  (Pls excuse the crappy self-indulgent photobooth photos.)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Vtg silver spkl crop top, vtg lace bodysuit, vtg denim cutoffs, vtg stockins, m.a.c lipglass

Eugene says I look like a Barbie doll in this outfit. Make that a GALACTIC Barbie doll. Actually just make it galactic anything but Barbie becos i hate Barbie. 

Anw, sporting purple lipglass form M.A.C's colour craft collection. Luvin' the marbleized lipglasses :D Thanks Euges and Shum!