Sunday, December 19, 2010


Unicron nailz using Chanel's Steel (first Chanel that I have formulation issues with, pizzed), Konad M28 and white, Seche Vite topcoat (so good)!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Y'kno, I think I'm sufferin fr zouk out withdrawal symptoms... it was so good so good so fun so fun that everything seems boring in comparison. And I wasn't even drunk. Tiesto on my itunes just can't compare to Tiesto irl... SOBBBBBB~~~ Oh and for those who want to know how it went, I answered a qtn on my formspring last wk:

TIESTO = 2 INSANELY AWES MAD HOURS OF SAND SHUFFLIN FIST PUMPIN AND TRANCE ABSORPTION, the most intensive "exercise" i've had in ages, krz crowds, sweaty bodies north south east west, thank god I brought toilet roll, neverending queues to get in get out take bus and buy drinks, Guetta was okay (but Tiesto was much much better tho I guess they spin diff genres so a comparison isn't all that fair), upset that I missed Afrojack (take over ctrl ftw), Laidback Luke (rock the disko! rock the disko!) was disappointing, finger lights, fireworks, more than decent light displays/ spark sprays/ dry ice/ robots from the future, barcardi breezers... would totally do again, but def not for the crowd phobic and un-rave hearted. And no, there were no condoms or puke on the sand... not where I was standing anw. WORTH EVERY FKIN PENNY! Was so lucky to get tickets cos adv was sold out 1 wk b4 actual event... Tiesto has officially taken over the iTunes playlist til further notice~

Sunday, December 12, 2010



Thursday, December 9, 2010


Pictures from Hazel's 27th at Filter... It was stupendous fun, and ended with the same resolution post nights of stupendous fun; the inadvertent swearing off alcohol... but, thr's prob B tmr and ZoukOut on Sat. So much for that. In other news... been feeling utterly disconnected from life... all these partying, a mediocre job, a lust/greed for everything more... Like there's something I should be doing but I'm not? H8 H8 H8. Also feel like heavin ho this blog onto tumblr... it kinda needs a makeover, and prob more post topics than just party pictures.