Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where Rocking Horse People Eat Marshmellow Pies

On the quest to be the girl with kaleidoscope (rimmed) eyes:
  • Givenchy Magic Khol in Blue (it's a pretty shade of turquoise actually)
  • M.A.C Power Point Eyeliner in So There Jade & Industry
  • Too Faced Glitter Liquid Liners in Drunk Dial and Restraining Order
(love all these names make up companies brew for their colours!)

Now all i need is a royal blue and indigo. Hunt hunt hunt. 

Anw, the fall collections have been out and about, but at the risk of sounding very unoriginal, even clone-like, the Balmain one has got to be my favourite. i mean... shiney studs plus brite blue sequins plus holographic panels plus the best mini length plus body-con-ing and the pointy shoulders!?@@? 

I would kill for all these following dresses, but since they are not practical for day wear, JUST GIVE ME THE SKIRT ON RAQUEL ALREADY!

And is it just me or does Erin Wasson just really stand out?


Anonymous said...

hey just wondering.. when you use flash on such upclose shots, how come the flash doesn't completely reflect off the object? it always happens to my shots and the flash just blinds out the colours that are supposed to be seen..

Denise said...

my camera (ixus 65) has this macro function (flower icon) that allows you to take up close shots. i think most compact digi cams will have an equivalent function, so just fiddle around the modes!

Anonymous said...

haha yeah that's what i used! but the flash still goes crazy on the photos for some strange reason!

Denise said...

Gah oh no it works for me! maybe try focusing on the immediate object first (green sq should come out when trigger button is half pressed)?

Anonymous said...

haha ok i shall try that.. thanks!!

Tammy said...

Amazing!! All dresses are just rocking here!!