Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

School is starting to kick in. 

I'm way behind in all my readings, there are assignments due, projects to prepare for, and I'm forever lost in class. Spent all of accounting theory reading this (thanks to yarn and debs), and sniggered away while the professor went on and on about capital maintenance. He may have caught me sniggering to myself. I don't know. 

Anw, here's what I wore today. Caution, skirt causes wearer to explode when worn in the event of a food baby. 

Strawberry Fields: Topshop stripe tank, American Apparel jersey pocket skirt

Plus, these little vintage treasures: a pearlescent birdie badge, rhinestone/pearl ear studs, and a long skinny red belt with a skinny gold buckle to match.

Okay, I'm off to bed. So stoked for AFA tmr. 


Mavis said...

ooo the birdie badge is damn cute. and your belt looks a little phallic... HHAHAHAHA.

Denise said...

HAHAHAHA AT THE PHALLIC. i was thinking the same thing. i've got my very own kawk, hooray!

Anonymous said...

ehlo there. first time here! really love your style. any thrift stores you recommend? or are they just sal army? ): sg so boring!

Denise said...

i usually go to sal army, there are others u can try though like the SCWO one at waterloo!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing!! yay! :D