Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lipstick Letters

bodycon-man: vtg rose cut out t, topshop indigo body con skirt

Oh, and I wore my glitter eyeliner today. you can sort of make it out here (don't mind my nostril hair, please):

Every wed, I have class at 12pm. Alex woke me up via phone at 11:58. In my mind: "cheebye!!!!" I got dressed at 3x10^8 m/s , but still got a "please try to be punctual in future" from The Pearl. Anw, the lesson was pure greek. What else do you expect from advance financial accounting. Consolidation, what? like a good dutiful student should, i promptly went to booklink to buy the text to self-study from now on. 

Me: How much for the AFA book?
Booklink Lady: $38.
Me: CB that's one eyeliner.
Alex: (erupts into his fucking RAUCOUS laughter)

p/s: I want a SLR. Bah, humbug.

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