Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Fly Like Paper, Get High Like Planes

Friday night, we celebrated Alex's 24th birthday at Phuture, Zouk. It was fun- made new friends, ample whiskey drivers long island teas screwdrivers and the lovely e33, danced til 4am... I even got some shoppin done (spy a Tatty Devine Cockatoo Ring). Pity for the fight, though. And, is it just me (and the whisky/vodka/wtv) or is the crowd at Zouk just better looking on friday nights?

My pick of pictures, the rest will be uploaded on facebook soon enough. i am ploughing through on about 1.5hrs sleep. so. yes. 

My cockatoo has the sweetest pink blusher! 


Anonymous said...

what are you wearing underneath that dress? not asking in a pervy way lol! but just curious cos i dont see any visible lines of any sort, plus the back is way low!

Denise said...

hahaha, no pervy offence taken (if you're female that is).. and anyway, i'm wearing those kind of stick on bra cups thing (not the silicon ones). it looks exactly like a strapless bra w/o the sides and fastener. you can get them from triumph for 50bucks :)