Sunday, March 22, 2009

Leopard Lady Calling Leopard Lad

Sunday: Vtg leopard print t + purse + hexagon shades, Accessorize leopard bow alice band, F21 knit bandage skirt

Okay, I've got too many things in leopard. Just today I bought shiney black on black leopard leggings (picts soon?). But in my defense, I think the top's cheetah print, not leopard. Anw, hope the quality of the pictures are turning out better, using my Dad's SLR for a change instead of my sticker-ridden ixus compact. Before I go, 1 more leopard wonder in the spirit of all things leopardy, LV Spicy heels in LEPPPARRRDDD. Drool. 

jak and jil

Gonna be missing floorball trng tmr because of rescheduled ethics. It is the last trng before we break for 3 weeks... impending unhealthiness, I feel ye. 


bee said...

dernise! have you seen this?

theyve got some supa cool jackets i think you'd love!

Denise said...

thankiu bee!

and yez i have!!! damn awesome right. i love balmain. i need to get me a cheap version of them jackets. and the bleachy jeans too!!! oooo!!!

hope australia is gewd.