Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hit Me Baby

tuez: m by mj t, vtg belt + skorts, accessorize leopard bow alice band

One more leopard thing for the collection, for the trashy girl in me, whoo!

My day was kinda bad.... I guess I can only blame myself for it though. Anw, I will refrain from elaborating and broadcasting, because that action shall be reserved for emo people and emo people alone. And also I realize I always somehow regret writing out how I feel at times like this because i look back and go "wtf man". Ok, shower time. 

(A plaid backside is a fat backside.)


Anonymous said...

hi!can i know where you got the tee from? is it by online?

Denise said...

nope i got it from HK! u can try online though!

Anonymous said...

which website i can get it? :)

Denise said...

err, i'm not sure, i havent searched for it online!

you can try ebay... the t is from SS08 i think. so maybe search "marc by marc jacobs" + Scarf t or smthg?