Saturday, March 28, 2009

At The Bunny Show

The friends and I went to Zouk for the Fifi Lapin for LeSportsac launch after school today. Didn't intend on going at fist because I was super underdressed. See from the pictures later that i threw on my oversized t and tights combo, the outfit i usually put together when I feel like there's nothing to wear. Anw, the runway show was pretty kewl, and I've kinda got my eyes set on either the tote or the satchel lookin' one. Life is full of tough decisions. 

10 to 10 at Isetan tmr. I may very well die of exhaustion.


Tricia said...

hi there-

was googling for photos taken at the launch in zouk last night and found your blog!

i love your sense of style and blog design :)


Denise said...

thank you for the nice comments tricia :)

were you there at the launch?