Saturday, February 27, 2010


Piks fr our trip to Supperclub afew nights ago. The pros? Free entry for SMU students, 5 free drinks for girls on ladies night, I think the guys get like 1 or 2 drinks free as well. The cons? It was a pretty blah trip. I mean, the musik was okay, the crowd was shit, and I had an all ard sleazy impression of the place, and it was pretty packed with mo's (not tt thrs aything wrong with tt, I'm just sayin. I actually appreciate the fact sometimes hehe). Ah well, it's baq to Zouk next Wed and Butter next Fri. I know right, partying like krz in week 9 is not exactly role model student behaviour considering the shit lot of work I have but the hell, I'M GRADUATING. and my GPA is stuck in a rut anw? I'm so motivated.

Painting my nails now. I'm going with navy with multicoloured glitter french tip and perhaps I shall bling it up with some leftover crystals. Sometimes I rly do wonder if being an Ah Lian is so bad after all. I'd revel in some stereotypical AL practices, like fake eyelashes, coloured contacts, dyed brown hair, crystallized phone, nail art obsession... the list just goes on, doesn't it!


esther said...

you're a wannabe ahlian-hippie-boho! omg that's so schizo babe. :D

momo said...

i came across your blog from lookbook! but i was wondering.. how do you edit your photos? (i guess program?) love the look!

Denise said...

@esther: hahah i thought by now you would have realized im a living breathing paradox

@momo: google toycamera analog colour :) it's a prog from Japan.