Monday, February 15, 2010


Topshop cream lace billow dress, YSL tribtoos

Wore this for the first day of visiting... My relatives were very amazed at the tribtoos and how anyone is able to walk in em. Not sure whether their amazement was good or bad. They were pretty flabbergasted at my slighty sheer dress too. Maha! Thank god there's Debra to take away some of the paiseh-ness.


Anonymous said...

HAHAS. what did debra wore? (:

marika said...

saw this on your lookbook :]
the shoes are amazing! and i love all the accessories.

RepublicOfChic said...

Haha, I face the same problem in India. Everbody is so conservative! It's hard to be myself.

I love this outfit and your style. been snooping around you blog :)

Saw you on Lookbook and stalked you here. Much much admiration! :)

Anonymous said...

hey i was just wondering if the tribtoos are comfortable to walk in? im thinkin of getting a pair..

Denise said...

@anon 1: Debra wore a show stopping light reflecting body con strong shoulder sequin dress hahah... see it here:

@Marika: thanks :)))

@republicofchic: Yes sometimes the conservatism effect can be a put off, but I always find myself to be happier not looking the same as everyone n getting weird comments compared to just looking the same as anybody! So just dress the way you like :)

@anon 2: to be honest they are not super comfy, i would give them perhaps a 7/10? They squeeze the toes quite abit, but are surprisingly easy to walk in :) But most imptly, the are STUNNING so go get them! :D