Sunday, February 7, 2010



Anonymous said...

hi babe, could i have your opinion! I have a dilemma between getting a Balenciaga Vert D'eau brief or a Balenciaga praline city with GSH.
Which do u tink is nicer?

Denise said...

hiii! i personally think vert d'eau is like the nicest colour ever!!! such a perfect light green, hope to snag one in the city style one day. It looks best with RH or GGH,

but that being said i also think the city is a more versatile and stylish than the brief...

so imo, get the brief if you are a green lover + you already have something in the city style, but get the praline if it is your first bbag/ if you want something that's easier to match. praline is a pretty awesome colour as well and i think it looks krz good with gsh.

p/s: vert d'eau is an 07 edt if im not wrong, apparently the leather in that yr is is super good (chevre, not agneau like it is nw)


Anonymous said...

yup yup VD's leather is to-die-for. im a little wary of praline because of color tfrs and dirt. but then im still holding back on VD because of the style!

oh gosh, im so hard to please:)
Do u protect ur bbag in anyway?

Denise said...

the protection i practice: nv put on floor, nv take out when raining, bring an umbrella in case it rains, dry immediately if it gets wet, store in dustbag provided when not in use... that's it! that's what i do with all my expensive bags... Anw, bbags are supposed to look 'distressed' so i guess you dont have to baby it so much. for light colours, just try not to get any marks on it? i think the handles will also darken with repeated carrying so it may need a cleaning once in a while!