Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Vtg tie dye crop top, Topshop skirt, UO nylons, Repettos, Kewpies

So it's day 2 of the school week and I'm so exhausted. School & me are not treating each other well. Tons of assignments to rush, projects to think about and readings to catch up on... while in the mean time the assignments alr graded are nothing but dismal. SADZ SADZ DEMORALIZED MARU :((

Anyhoo, the Teoh sisters met the Samat sisters for a dbl date Ann Siang adventure today. Imagine 2 short chinese girls and 2 towering malay girls, yep, that was us. We ended up at K Ki/ Little Drom Store and spent a very long time choosing Kewpies to bring home... HOW KUTE R THEY. There were so many finalists but in the end we decided on these 4. We had japanese cake too.

Now, for my CAT asgm.

p/s: the blue hawaiian cloth seen abv is gg to be the new backdrop for Poppycocky Vintage :) SO TROPIKAL!


Anonymous said...

when u'd a bad week, think of the good times! i.e. enjoying in france etc. normally it helps (:

all the best in yr projects & assignments :D

Nadia said...


Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

Cute outfit!

Denise said...

thankq @ blu and anon :>

@nadia: u epileptik is it?