Friday, February 5, 2010


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Sasha P plus my latest obsession: rainbow ink pads for stamping purposes. NEED MOAR STAMPS AND INKPADS.


Anonymous said...

haha.LOVE YOUR STAMPSS! The wolf on my postage

Denise said...

hehehehe yay!!! u r awesome for appreciatin :)

i have new russian doll ones, and a new rainbow ink pad to go with it :D

Anonymous said...,wait till you update PCV and i'll check out on what i want,then it's all mine.all over my postageeee!:)

Anonymous said...

where do you buy rubber stamps from? :)

Denise said...

@ anon: I only have 2 actually haha, a russian dolly one and a howling wolf... i bought the russian d fr a n bc, the japanese stationery shop, and e wolf was from a mkt in Berlin :>