Monday, May 31, 2010


Nothing to take your sorrow away like nail art (need cheap diamantes):
  • American Apparel's Office
  • Chanel's Magnolia Rose
  • Ettusais' Multicolore glitter
A.A. Lacquer Review:
  • LOVE the colour, a dirty mint green (w e slightest grey undertone)
  • Nice creamy formula that's pretty pigmented
  • Streaky if only 1 coat is applied, goes opaque in 2 thin ones
  • With 2 coats colour is quite close to the colour visible in the bottle
  • Love the packaging (H8s OPI's, I'm more of a clean line than a curve person)
  • Handle is long and easy to use
  • Brush i.m.o. picks up too much colour, which leads to bubbling (but bubbling is easily solved w a gr8 top coat)
  • Brush is also quite stiff and does not spread out over the nail, thus a lot of strokes are required
  • But at the rather affordable prize of 3 for USD$15, and the insane creme colours avail, I'll def be expanding my current collection of 2!
  • Malibu grn, Butter, L Esprit, Summer Peach and Royal Blue look pretty interesting~


Today's details:
  • Vintage chiffon lace panel blouse
  • American Apparel disko pants
  • Topshop Worship platforms
  • Green eye make up
  • Chanel's Particuliere on finger nails
To anyone who does not own a disko pant, please rush out and buy one because this baby did not give me a stomach ache even after an 8 course wedding banquet... possibly the most comfy high waist skinny in the history of mankind. The stretch it has should give AA a Nobel Prize, or smthg.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


i love wildfox

We're looking at a possible materialization of my future navajo hippie wonderland dream house. Excited. Can't wait to get a place of my own, even if it is tiny and small~

Friday, May 28, 2010


Made it to the pool today. I was sweating like some triathlete as I hiked the 1km++ to my grandparents' condominium. The minute I stripped and stepped into the pool tho (like, shortly aft I took this picture), the sky became insanely cloudy in preparation for the storm that is now. Life = futility & near misses.

Speaking about life, I've been waiting next to the phone like some hung up emotional girl. I'm not waiting for a lover's call though, but the notification for qualification into the next round. LE SIGH. Note to self: answer to the gr8test weakness qtn in interviews = paranoia and anxiety.


Some randoms from Wednesday nite:

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yesterday we had high tea cocktails @ Morton's Bar in Mandarin Hotel~ There's this promo where during happy hr (5-7pm) they give out free steak sandwiches, although it's not like buffet style and patience must rly be practiced as you w8 for the waiters to make their rounds. The result of this was Lauren and I stuffing our faces as quickly as we cld to squeeze in a second sammich in a current round, no time should be wasted being paiseh. Anyhoo, the sandwiches are completely and absolutely YUM and worth it, we're talking top quality steak with a complementary dashing of mustard. The age limit for the place is 21, so kid looking individuals like myself, please bring your IDs.

After this we headed to Butter Factory (piks l8r)- It was a krz boy hunting Asahi flowing night, and it would have been perfect save for the fact that there was a girl wearing the exact same top as me. WHAT R E ODDS. This is an oldddd piece from Topshop (last Aug?) and I got in Barcelona for god's sake, this style may not even have made it to Singapore. Ugh. Vintage is the way to go.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


  • Slowly but surely building a personal Chanel nail bar.
  • Please make more greens and blues Peter Phillips!
  • 505 Particuliere and 453 Magnolia Rose were insanely hard to hunt down, they're OOS at most counters even though they're not LE?
  • Watermelon toe nailz~ using Chanel's 453 Magnolia Rose and an Ettusais green, wld bling the tips w grn crystals if I had em!
  • Am srsly thinking of going for manicure and Japanese nail art classes.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


As promised, the Bake Out deets. We rly hit it out of the ballpark with the cupcakes, but the pizza crust? Not so much.

1) Red Velvet cupcakes

2) SalmonDolphin meat dolphin shaped pizza

Dylan's 15th birthday dinner @ Brusselsprouts l8r... Moules~