Saturday, May 22, 2010


As promised, the Bake Out deets. We rly hit it out of the ballpark with the cupcakes, but the pizza crust? Not so much.

1) Red Velvet cupcakes

2) SalmonDolphin meat dolphin shaped pizza

Dylan's 15th birthday dinner @ Brusselsprouts l8r... Moules~


Anonymous said...

this is where you stay? nice kitchen! :>

Denise said...

Nope this is actually my friend Lauren's hse (the girl in the piks) :> Her hse rly is beautiful!!~

Anonymous said...

how did u guys make the cupcake icing? (:

Anonymous said...

Red Velvet cupcakes=cupcakes w red coloring?

Denise said...

@anon 2: google the recipe for hummingbird red velevet cupcake recipe! The frosting is mostly cream cheese :)

@anon 3:Yes generally red velvet= cupcakes with red sponge that tastes of an optimal mix b/w cocoa and vanilla topped with cream cheese icing~