Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today's details;
  • Freshly dyed chestnut brwn hair
  • Beady mesh top fr. Topshop tt weighs a ton, pretty chain mailish in that aspect.
  • All time favourite denim cutoffs
  • Crop top + high waist short = uniform, thanks to the insane heat
  • Nails painted in Chanel's 517 Mistral
  • Blue ring collection
  • Wild roses
  • Sorry for the squinty piks, blame the harsh brightness that is a typical afternoon in Singapore
Meeting the Shu Uemura managers in my 3rd round interview for the L'oreal mgmt trainee prog tmr morning. I'm stoked. Mr. Shu, I am a huge fan.


Anonymous said...

u looked awesome outdoors! (:

Denise said...

:) thankq!

Willa said...

Loving the cropped top!