Monday, May 31, 2010


Today's details:
  • Vintage chiffon lace panel blouse
  • American Apparel disko pants
  • Topshop Worship platforms
  • Green eye make up
  • Chanel's Particuliere on finger nails
To anyone who does not own a disko pant, please rush out and buy one because this baby did not give me a stomach ache even after an 8 course wedding banquet... possibly the most comfy high waist skinny in the history of mankind. The stretch it has should give AA a Nobel Prize, or smthg.


Anonymous said...

will your underwear be visible through the disko pants/under flash?

Denise said...

Nope the pants are completely opaque, there's not VPL either!! it's made of 90 % nylon and 10% elastane, the nylon versh of jeggings I suppose,