Saturday, May 22, 2010


The theme of the day was pretty much dolphinish. I wore a dolphin t, wanted to buy some dolphin cupcake candy, and I made a dolphin shaped pizza. But to elaborate properly, We had a cupcake bake fest at Lauren's house, where we baked pizza's and cupcakes. The result was a very messy kitchen, questionable pizza crusts and red velvet cupcakes that reminded us so much of our London exchange days! We ended the day doing smokey eyes on each other with Lauren's make up. Yeah, that was pretty random.

Anw, DSLR piks a.k.a. our attempt at being Luxirare will be up tmr! For nw, it's rest time before I play my first Div 1 Flbl game for SMU foxes tmr (goddamn Clementi is so goddamn faraway).


Melsa said...

omg, I play in div one too, and i absolutely adore reading your blog. psyched.

Denise said...

PSYCHE!! Which team!!