Friday, May 28, 2010


Made it to the pool today. I was sweating like some triathlete as I hiked the 1km++ to my grandparents' condominium. The minute I stripped and stepped into the pool tho (like, shortly aft I took this picture), the sky became insanely cloudy in preparation for the storm that is now. Life = futility & near misses.

Speaking about life, I've been waiting next to the phone like some hung up emotional girl. I'm not waiting for a lover's call though, but the notification for qualification into the next round. LE SIGH. Note to self: answer to the gr8test weakness qtn in interviews = paranoia and anxiety.


Anonymous said...

hello! just curious, what camera did u use for this? did u edit it after shooting?
cuz I love the colour! thanks!

Denise said...

It's an iPhone app called Hipstamatic :D