Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The buy of the day award goes to this Hello Kitty instax film (polaroid that's credit card sized). It's my favourite rendition of Hello Kitty (the primary coloured simple rendition)!! Kawaii~~

Other than that, the theme of the day seems to be Hairless. I bought an epilator, did my eyebrows and trimmed my bangs. Unsightly hair, begone!


joanne said...

hey, where did u get puchase the HK instax film from? i have been looking everywhere for it. but its always oos

Denise said...

got it at one of those neighbourhood film developer shops @ tanjong pagar plaza (next to the place where everyone buys 4D)... it was their last pack though they did mention they will be ordering moar!:>

Anonymous said...

fep have quite a few of it :D