Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Vintage top

Yesterday I went for a piknik @ Marina Barrage with the SMU friends... unfortunately it was thunderstorming and as a result the sun set pretty quickly and we were shrouded in darkness. Still, we flew kites, blew bubbles, lit sparklers and had chicken. I have loads of other piks from the night but my iPhoto went mad and everything got deleted, thus i need to import back 26,000 photos from trash to complete the piknik album -_- sheesh. Apple can be such a mofo sometimes. I even got locked out by my entourage.


Anonymous said...

hi,i saw on your formspring and you were thinking of selling your docs? may i know which design was it? and the sizee? :> i'm looking for a badly worn docs you see!

Denise said...

Hey! Its the black patent ones in size 36, unforch they are not badly worn because I hardly wore them (only wore it out once or twice... If you need piks and more info, email me @

here's a pik

Anonymous said...

oh then it's all right,i'll pass!

Willa said...

Amazzzzing top D:
The colors are too pretty!

You are very pretty btw (:

Denise said...

:D:D:D too kind @ willa