Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mambo Knights

Ramen dinner with the Clicky plus Teng. Werkin people left. Headed to Lunar for free martinis. John picks us up and we whooshink to Zouk. Mambo Jambo's 17th Anniversary. Hossan Leong was a hoot. Yarn literally climbed on stage in her shortttt dress. YARN WON THE MAMBO CD. I love it when anyone wins prizes. Innate competitive spirit. Combination of lychee marts, house white wine, tequila lime and redbull vodka was enough to get all of us up. Yarn took it to the next level, though (HAHA). Sent yarn home. Something like within walking distance. 3 o us went back. And we mambo-ed all the way to club closure. Passed out on my bed after that. T'was fun!

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