Monday, June 8, 2009

Live long and prosper

Vtg dolphin tie dye t, Vtg CKJ self cut denims, ms selfridge lace leggins

LUV my bright blu nailzzs. It also has gradated gold glitter on the tip. So pimpin. Gonna match glitterin gold with everyyyything! Perhaps neon pink next or smthg. 

Lack of updates because it has been busseeeeee ever since the damn exams were over (AT and AFA are undoubtedly the worst papers i have ever, ever taken. EVER.). It was movie on thurs night. We caught Blood, the last vampire. It sucked. No surprise there huh hurhur. Then on friday night it was Butter with some of the dudes. It sucked too. Mainly because we queued like for 3 fuckin hours, and my legs were killin me so much so that by the time we got in I just wanted a seat. We did try to make the best out of the night though so I took some pictures which i will upload soon. Anw, it will be back to Zouk the next time. The Butter charm has worn off and I'm shure I wouldn't have to queue for 3 hours with a lack of air circulation there. Fri, Sat and Sun, I have also been werkin non stop and am pleased to report that we have had rather good sales every day that I have worked! Feel so lucky. Ha. I am not workin tmr tho, tmr is relaxation day (: I finally get to wake up at any damn time I want. Then I shall do whatever I want til Floorball. YEY.

Oh and, the 2 new additions to my lip make up stash. Collectively I wouldn't be able to use up all my lip products in say, 25 years?
M.A.C tinted lip conditioner in Petting Pink and lipstick in Sunsational

Off to watch South Park and play bejewelled blitz (haha!). Whoop whoop!


Nadia said...

live 'long' and prosper? nyeahehhehaeoaiheoiwoejwqioeq90rut09u2309u23 i'm so bored.

Denise said...

pfft it was my OWN saying, like i did it on like PURPOSE??!

(curses under my breath and hurriez to change it... stupid trekkies)


Nadia said...

HAHA you really changed it. i don't know how i know leh.. all i know about star trek is that, and.. spock.