Monday, June 1, 2009

The magic number 3

fashion squad

Perfecto. Need shoez just like that. And how nice are those blonde tortoiseshell shades?!

In other news, the Ethics paper today was okay. As usual there was no time to finish and my handwriting became illegible... but it was okay. It's AFA on wednesday. The queen of all fail-able papers. 

Oh and i bought Sunsational of the style warrior by m.a.c collection today. Wanted Brave new bronze but it's all sold out!! And i couldn't let pass the gorgeous leopard print casin. If anyone knows any m.a.c counter that still stocks brave new bronze, TELL ME.


joanne & valencia said...

hey there, please take a look at our blogshop,

Anonymous said...

hi. :) you have said that you often go to a thrift shop in simei? can i know where exactly it is? thanks!

Denise said...

it's the salvation army one. idk the exact address, sorry!