Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hippies pisses Cartman off

True North Style via Knightcat

All of a sudden, I have a desire for a slouchy crochet top.

p.s: Luv the finish in the photos, myuk. 


esther said...

deniseeeee... OK I NEED YOUR HELP AGAIN! hahahaha. :) can post up another link again?

it's on travel in china... MORE KARMA POINTS I PROMISE EVERYONE. ^-^ BTW i'm coming back earlier!!! end of june... ^-^ GOODIES FOR U AND DEBS. haha i so nice to u rite. and i am staying with fern now!!!

Denise said...


and haha zomgs fern must be irritating the shit out of u HAHAHA. heard from eunice that there's this feckin sick couple there? hehehe. so juicy.

p.s: im using the owl purse for my p*ntyliners. AHHAHAHA!

esther said...

WTF!!!! sure way of making sure debs won't want to touch it! hahahaha!!

YOU ARE SO MEAN TO FERN!!! hahahaha she's not irritating, unlike the COUPLE. ugh gross. hurts my brain to even think about it. juicy? NAH. more like oily. oops. hehe

Btw fern tells me to tell you to STOP SPENDING WHATEVER YOU MAKE ON STUFF IN THE SHOP. ok hope u got that loud and clear. :D

Denise said...