Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A big withdrawal at the big bank of lies

Vtg messy knit sweater, AA lapis V neck, Topshop stockings and stone wash shorts

Blue is becoming a favourite colour, though Green will always be tops. 

I've been cycling at light speed to the mrt these few days and then lockin my bicycle to the road rails in good heartlands fashion... my calves are aching like krazy thanks to all the hill action. Doesn't help that there's trng tmr, and trng on monday was killer. It's like, I didn't think it was possible for Singapore to have a summer since its pretty much hot all year round but its a whole new level of hot these days. DYING. 



McCall said...

i LOVE your shorts and stockings!! they are very cool I want some myself.

Phoebe said...

DENSIE what happened to your bangs?!

Phoebe said...

oopsie DENISE haha forgives, forgives.

Denise said...

mc call: thanks :D

phoebs: i had it cut? hAHAHA.