Tuesday, December 1, 2009



My new dress from something else... plannin to wear it for CNY, bohahaha (inside anime joke @spider_deb)! Along w the dress, today's haul included sheer dot tights & a faux fur russian hat from UO, silver sprkl space age toms, loads of goodies from Lush, and make up from NARS (again). London luvin x2. 

It's our last night in Lndn tonight. I'm depressed. 


Candice said...

i saw this on nastygirlvintage and i loved it!
was it pricey?

Denise said...

@candice: i got it for approx 80 pounds! So yeah, it is pricey (and the most ex dress I have at the mo). BUTBUTBUT it's 100% silk. very naise, very luxe. haha! I think u can order it thru the UO site :>