Friday, December 11, 2009


vtg velvet leopard top, h&m skirt, UO sheer dot tights, repetto flats, bal bag

Woke up @ 3pm and left the house to walk around town for abit, since we've been cooped up at home the last 5 days preparing for the finals... and what a surprise it was! Massena has transformed into a little xmas village, with a little ice skating rink. There's also a giant ferris wheel, dazzlin light displays and crepes around every corner. We (deb and I) are coercing Eugene to go skating tmr... hopefully it materializes. For now, can't wait to shower with my new Lush shampoo (i luv juicy), conditioner (american cream) and soap (rub rub rub). Die hard Lushie... helplines to recommend, anyone? If they made a toothpaste I could prob look forward to brushing my teeth every night (H8S IT). 


Anonymous said...

Really love this whole outfit.Whr'd you get the tights from?

Denise said...

@anon: thnx and it's from urban outfitters (: i got them in london but i think u can buy them thru the site.