Monday, November 30, 2009


pics & models

London has been a blast. Selfridges @ 20% off storewide + Portobello Mkt + Topshop + Brick Lane + Balenciaga (finally got my City in Anthracite w giant silver hardware!) + ASSA korean food + ... = BLAST. Off to Covent Garden and Liberty tmr (and maybe topshop 1 more time. No can beat the Oxford Circus topshop, swear on my balls if I had any)!! The weather has been so-so... the rain has been comin down pretty hard. Gives me the urge to buy Hunters

Sleep time. 


Anonymous said...

hi, im an avid reader of ur blog! i was just wondering wad u think of the match between black balenciaga and gold hardware or black balenciaga and silver? which do u think is a better match? thank you.:)

Denise said...

@anon: i would go with the blk and silver!! personally i think the deeper blk and blu colours go better with silver, and the brighter krz colours go better with gold. Bec the gold hardware on the bal is quite flashy and brite, unlike the burnished gold ware u'd find with other brands, so (in my humble opinion) it tends to make the darker colour bags look sorta cheap(er). Plus, u can save the gold hardware for future bright coloured balenciaga investments :)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much! im getting a flat clutch in black and was a bit unsure about the silver hardware as i tot the gold hardware on black stood out more.but after hearing ur opinion, im convinced:)
thanks and congrats on ur new bal bag!!

Denise said...

:D ooooh I love the envelope as well!!! but i've got to go thru a few more saving cycles to afford that now... it's such a nice clutch ure shure to love it long time.