Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Venice = no cars + clean canals + full of murano glass + the most awesome italian seafood pastas + so damn quaintly beautiful + never been to a place like this + 0.9euro gelatos = Favourite Italian city

p/s: full album on facebook.


Kelly said...

Love your photographs!! I wanna go to Italy even more! ^_^

saywai said...

clean canals? i tot they were murky..haha.. and 0.9euros gelato is really cheap!!

Denise said...

@kelly: pls do go to italy!!! it was my favourite trip out of all the places i went to in europe!! the food is so awesome (except in milan), lots of things to see and FACTORY OUTLETS (prada, ysl etc)

@saywai: AHAH murky meh... it's like we couldnt even find rubbish in the canals when we were lookin... so i guess clean relative to others. haha and YA DAMN CHEAP. No matter how cold we die die must eat the gelato

Hannah said...

Hi, What camera did you use to take these? Nice effect!