Sunday, November 15, 2009


Alexander McQueen scarf, H&M stripe top

Today was super fruitful and a gr8 day out with my mom. Woke up early. Went to the Cour Saleya fresh food marche. All you can eat moules for lunch. Hiked up the hill. Pikniked with strawberries & mandarins. Chased waterfalls. Appreciated contemporary art at the musee. Had Socca (a kind of oily crepe = so absolutely yucks = idk why Nice is known for it). Discovered a 30 flvr gelato place with krz flavours like cactus. Shopped and thus say hello to the newest guy in my stash, the McQueen silk chiffon skull scarf in the classiq black/ivory colourway. The day ended with fabulous home cooked salmon & beef by Michelin chef Euges. 

Tmr it's onward to Grasse, perfume capital of the world!

p/s: found an ACE look on lookbook with e scarf. Is that srsly Balmain?!@


Anonymous said...

i am rather curious.. are u having vacation with your friends&family, u seems to be going alot of places! *envious* (:

Denise said...

@ anon: I'm actually currently on exchange at a business school in Nice, France. So I travel in between my classes with friends who are scattered around europe :) as for my family my mom only came over to visit because she was in London... the rest of the family will join me end Dec for a 2.5 wk hol before I go back to SMU to do my final semester :)

Anonymous said...

WHOA. thats really cool. have FUN, &update too! (: