Thursday, October 22, 2009


Diesel blazer, H&M stripe top, Topshop ankle grazers, The Kooples scarf

Autumn is here. It's been so cold in Nice, forget about beaches- you can't even leave the house without a 2nd layer. Anw, using my profound pychic abilities, I hereby declare that stripes are taking over the world, evident here. (My sis and I) Would kill for a shiney one. Oh yeah, Eugene and I got matching timex 80 watches in Paris (pls don't vomit). Mine's obv cooler though, for self- explanatory seafoam strap reasons. Lastly, check my Chanel glossimer in Jupiter (brite red with micro red blue & gold glitter) & Lush Ghost shower gel ( white shimmery 'haunting' lily scent). It's the month of halloween and I'm all set to be a Pontianak.

p/s: I LOVE LUSH. I want to work in one. 


Anonymous said...

i love your watch a lot a lot!

xx said...

Is there anywhere I can get TIMEX 80 in singapore? :P

Denise said...

@anon: thnx!

@xx: long ago I saw it at On Pedder (taka)... at that time it only had the neon block colours and retailed for like 140? i tht it was too ex so i didn't get it. it's cheaper in Paris!