Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I LOVE PARIS. It's my second fav city of all time, losing out only to London because of the language barrier (& topshop). I find the 2 places rather similar actually. Good subways, awesome big brand shopping, awesome indie shopping (paris a lil better), awesome vintage shopping (lndn a lil better, hard to beat brick lane), beautiful parks/jardins, huge comprehensive museums... my only regret is that we prob spent too much time shoppin than to sight see and stuff. But no worries, another trip to Paris is scheduled at yr end. Je t'aime. 


Vivian said...

these are such cool photos!
i'm envious.

Anonymous said...

Hi,do you edit your photos? if not,which effects do you use on your camera!

Anonymous said...

i love your leopard print fur coat.. where did u get it?

Denise said...

@ vivian: thank you :) go for a eurotrip one day, it's a must.

@ anon 1: i use this program, it's the shit

@ anon 2: it's my sister's :) and blv it or not she got it from Zara kids. their sizes run pretty big. I saw a similar one in H&M if (like me) u don't like buyin kid's clothes.

Anonymous said...