Saturday, October 10, 2009


Junkfood KISS t, Topshop shorts, Rayban Wayfarers, Jeremy Scott/Longchamp bag

Cannes today with Euges, Deb and Jac. Picts up tmr when I have time to filter all of them. And yes, I bought this Jeremy Scott X Longchamp bag today. I know, I know. Everyone has the non-decorated one. But I'm a sucker for anything remotely military. SO THR. 


JK said...

love your blog!!!

Vivian said...

what filters do you use to achieve this kind of look for your photos? it's very cool, i love the colors for this set and all your other pictures.

Denise said...

@JK: thank u :)

@ vivian: i put my images thru this program:

Nur Adelina Mohd Fuat said...

hi this is so random lol whr did you get your bag? like damn nice haha

Denise said...

It's from Longchamp. If u live in sgp, there's a shop in ION and 1 more in Paragon, u can check it out :)

Anonymous said...

hi denise how are you, would like to know new people from here you look natural and free spirit in the pic could it be freedom int he air culture in france
did you purchase the shorts in singapore or in france? you look leggy in the black shorts,did it cost a lot? it would have been cool if a shot of your back butt was taken to show the hemline cutting? is it very shorts that it shows the butt cheeks mooning, haha dou you wear it in singapore too had senn your site, you have long legs, do you work out ?the hsortest shorts you had worn here?
email me at