Monday, October 26, 2009


Rome has been amazing. The monuments are well... very monumental. I esp love that huge ass fountain where we tossed coins in backwards ensuring our safe return to Rome one day or smthg like that. But the highlight or Rome has got to be the Porta Portese sunday flea mkt. We missed going into the Colosseum for that... we could only look from the outside because it closes at 3:30pm (how were we supp to know right). 

Anw, the mkt was HUGEASS. It spans for kilometers I think (in my head & feet anw). Everything there was so affordable (unlike the 20 pounds/euros prices at other mkts we've been to in Europe). And there were so many treasures to be found as long as you were willing to dig flor clothes, digging coincidentally being a skill mastered by Debra. We got the stuff in the piks among other things... some of them will prob make their way into Poppycocky Vintage when it reopens in Jan 2010. 

Off to Firenze tmr, we've got a train @ 9am to catch!

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