Friday, April 3, 2009

Sunshiner, Moonlighter

Vtg stripe boat-neck slouch t, topshop high waist shorts, ms selfridge lace stockings, vtg LV owl sling purse

School's a bitch. I have midterms plus 2 presentations next week. So many scheduled group meetings that i got the timing mixed up and missed the morning one today. MESSY. Can't wait to go to France. 

model couture

p/s: THICK LACE ROUND GLASSES?!?@@? give it here, please. 


Thrill-seeker said...

That's a very nice Lv purse :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there gurl,

Saw your past archives and noticed that you wore cheap monday jeans. Is it available in Singapore? Where can I get it? What size are you?


Denise said...

thrillseeker: thank yoo!

Anon: i wear size 24, and it's avail at Queens Couture, Heeren.


Anonymous said...

thanks denise! that's really sweet of you! my goodness, you're so skinny!!

Anonymous said...

any idea does Queens Couture sells Cheap Monday t-shirts?

Denise said...

no idea on if QC sells CM tees.. i can't seem to recall and i havent been there in a long time! i'll prob go down soon and check it out :)

Anonymous said...

okay. thanks tho! :D