Thursday, April 16, 2009

I got my head checked, by a jumbo jet

It was Butter Factory last night with some of the smu friends who have finished the exams (or who like me have no exams as yet). It was my first time at the new butter! Kinda nice. Free flow til 1 was good. 

Me: 4 Vodka Org please
Bar dude: (puts out 4 cups, fills em each with vodka and a slice of org) Ok there you go. Vodka Orange!
Me: Err. You may proceed?
Bar dude: You said Vodka org right? Next time must be specific and say Vodka orange JUICE.

Anw, the musik was a-okay. Debra and I were having lotsa fun dancing (I prefer the term hyper moving though because I dont think i 'dance') and if I remember correctly we even ended up on the stage at one point. Go figure. And also I must take this opportunity to apologize to the poor souls around us whose feet i definitely stamped on when Whoo Hoo by Blur came on. Woo Hoo!!!

Pounding headache last night and this morning. But it's all gone now! 


Mavis said...

cant wait to go to the new butter after my exams... 1 more week to tahan!!!! urgh.

Denise said...

HAHA all the way!! good luck for your papers :)