Thursday, April 2, 2009

News Reel & Stuff

1. The exchange results were outed today! Lauren, Gay, and Kenny got Dauphine (Paris, France), while Debra, Eugene and I got EDHEC (Nice, France). It's gonna be a blast and I think it's pretty amazing how we all ended up in the same country. I'm still bewildered at how lucky are we that debra eugene and I all ended up in the exact same university!! HOORAY. 

2. Poppycocky Vintage is open :) Tell all your friends!

3. Three random pictures I love, because: 
  • Taylor Warren is sooo pretty, 
  • I need a gorgeous pair of drop crotchy harem pants, 
  • I also need a fluffy feather ridden dress/skirt.

The End.


Nadia said...

yay france!! when!

Denise said...

yay france!!

next sem, so prob august to december?

hot french boyz, can't wait!