Monday, April 20, 2009

As if to say, he doesn't like chocolate

Vtg check shirt, Vtg tie dye dolphin tee, Mink Pink shiney leopard leggings

"Are you hoping for a miracle?"
Why, yes... please let AT presentation tmr go smoothly. It's pretty hard to make economic consequences and standard setting sound interesting. 


loi said...

love the leggings! did you get it in singapore?

Denise said...

yarp i did actually!!

Its's from Eclecticism (isetan only) hurhur. My monthly salary cycle.

loi said...

ooh. still have? how much is it?

Denise said...

got size S which I think would fit you (i wear xs)!, anw its 47 .20 after the 20% friend diskount :D! lemme know if u want it!